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The 3 Best Glues for Gluing Glass and Metal you should know

Each type of glue usually has its own unique properties and uses. Depending on the intended use, you can choose the right glue to use.

For the application of glazing to metal, we recommend three most possible bonding options: 3M VHB Adhesive Tape, 3M 2-component Adhesive (epoxy adhesive) and sealant (silicone sealant).

These are the 3 best glues for the bond between glass and metal to be the strongest and most durable. You can also think of them as a combination of best glue for glass and best glue for metal.

This combination is sure to bring the best results for your crafting.

#1 Sealant (silicone sealant)

Silicone sealant or sealant has the biggest advantage of being high elastic; excellent resistance to all extreme weather conditions. Therefore, if you attach glass plates to metal placed in environments with high humidity and high fluctuation of humidity, silicone glue is the first and most optimal choice.

However, the disadvantage of this glue is a very long drying time, up to more than 24 hours. The long transition times will lead to increased costs of businesses. But using sealant makes it harder for materials to be lost, manpower is needed, and the aesthetics are quite low.

#2 Epoxy adhesive

Epoxy adhesive can be considered as the material with the highest and strongest glazing. This glue can be used to glue glass and metal together very firmly, except for complicated cases.

Most businesses will not use this type of glass-to-metal glue because it is very expensive. In addition, the nature of glass and metal is often used in environments that do not require too much force, so the use of epoxy glue is not necessary.

#3 3M VHB Adhesive Tape

VHB is a very special line of 3M tapes. This is a product line that has been popular in the world for a long time and is trusted by many customers.

For buildings, use VHB tape to bond glass with aluminum frames to replace screws. According to research and surveys, 3M tempered tapes have a lifespan of more than 50 years. So you can completely rest assured when using.

Currently, there are many high-rise buildings also use this type of tape to replace less screws in the building facade application of glass.

This method has many outstanding advantages such as fast construction; high aesthetics; low labor costs; withstand high temperatures up to 150 degrees C; durable for about 50 years.

In addition, VHB tape is also pressure resistant to bond. If your project does not put pressure on this tape then you should consult a technician before use.

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What is the best cast nets size for pro fish catcher?

In compare with a fishing rod, using a cast net come with more advantages as it can help to catch more fish at a time, save your time and effort, cheaper and can be cast from many terrains. This is why cast net has been one of the most popular method for catching bait fish.

However, picking the wrong cast nets can be a little frustrating to get used to. If you don’t get the right cast net for your skill level and needs, you might end up with no bail fish. This post will help you get the right size and best cast nets for pro fish catcher.

#1 Cast net size vs skill level

It is face that your skill level has a huge impact on how large your cast net should be. Are you a starting out or have been throwing for a while? If you never try to throw the cast nest before, then 8 footers nest is great to get start.

Larger nets catch a lot more bait than smaller ones, but are harder to throw and also costly. Most experienced netters prefer 10 footers nest. And if you are a professional or fishing guides, you may use custom-made 12-footers. 12 foot nets are typically found on professional vessels.

#2 The best mesh size

After the size net for your level of throwing experience, you’ll need to find for your proper mesh size. You can choose the mesh size depends on the terrains where you plan to cast in, and the size of the bait.

For shallow water applications of 3 feet or less. It is suitable to use ¼ mesh. The smaller the mesh size, the slower it will sink. Therefore, if you throw a 1/6 mesh in the deeper water area, it will sink to the bottom too slowly and the bait can escape out from it.

From 3 to 6 feet depth, you should use 3/8 inches mesh.  With this size of mesh, you can be able to catch White Bait, Green Backs, Pilchards, Herring, Scaled Sardines, Pin Fish, etc. It sinks faster than ¼ mesh and can be used in deeper water and it also works well in shallow water.

1/2 inches mesh is perfect to use in 6 to 15 feet of water. And 5/8 inches mesh may be casted in 8 to 20 feet of water

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Best Foods For Bearded Dragons: Zilla Reptiles Munchies VS. Fucker Medley

Bearded dragons are omnivores; they eat a variety of insects, vegetables, and fruits. Bearded dragons are not picky eaters; they readily accept any food that you feed them.

Feeding bearded dragons is not a different task but you should keep in mind that the variety of food is the key. This will make mealtime become more appealing to them.

As a bearded dragon keeper, it is your responsibility for choosing the best foods for bearded dragons so that they will reach their optimum health.

In many different types of the best food commercially made for bearded dragons, we recommend that you should try the two packaged foods: Fluker’s 72023 Bearded Dragon Medley Reptile Treat VS. Zilla Reptile Munchies For Pets.

#1 Ingredients

It is obvious that ingredient is the most important thing that you should consider when choosing commercially food for bearded dragons. The food should be made of safe, rich nutrients for bearded dragons. You should check the full ingredients of the food from any bearded dragon supplies.

Zilla Reptiles Munchies are made from real ingredients such as Sun Dried Bok Choy, Freeze Dried Zucchini, Freeze Dried Green Beans, Freeze Dried Peas, Freeze Dried Bananas, Sun Dried Carrots, Freeze Dried Crickets, Freeze Dried Mealworms, Freeze Dried Silkworms with Calcium.

These ingredients include both meat-based and plant-based food. It is easy and quick to provide your pets with a variety of desirable green vegetables and insects that they prefer.

Fluker’s medley freeze-dried is made from freeze dried mealworms, freeze dried grasshoppers, freeze dried crickets. These are all real dead insects instead of being in pellet form. The free-drying process will keep the flavour and the freshness of this food for along time.

#2 Nutritional value

If you are feeling tired of finding the high sources of protein in order to provide for your bearded dragons with all the energy they need for the day, then choosing Fluckers Medley can be a great alternative.

Fukers Medley provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition.

All bearded dragons keepers will know that calcium is essential to reptiles for proper bone health. To avoid the calcium deficiency illness in bearded dragons, you can provide them with Zilla Reptile Munchies since it contains quite a much amount of extra calcium.

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Why You Should Get Predator Eye Pro?

If you are keeping a chicken coop, vineyards, orchards or any other property and livestock, you may get trouble with some outdoor predator such as coyotes, raccoons, foxes, wolves, deer, etc. These pest animals can raid and damage your property at night.

This is the reason why you should get predator eye pro. This device is designed to mimic the other predator’s eyes that help you to scare away the pest animals and sleep peacefully all night.

What is predator eye pro?

The blinking light look like an eye, which will trick the pest animals that they are being watched. The Led light is automatically turned on when it is dusk and turned off in the daylight.

The nocturnal animals will sense danger and do not dare to get closer to the area.

All you need to do is install the best chicken predator deterrent at an appropriate level for the pest and you will get the result that its impact on the first night.

Mainly features and advantages of predator eye pro

This device using solar power, that means it can automatically charge and work effectively during the night time.

You can easily attach predator eye pro on many different surfaces using either screw or internal magnets.

The sight range of the Predator eye pro is a distance of 1/2 mile at night due to its powerful LED lights

This is the humane and economical method to scare off these pests. It is also very safe to use next to children or your pets because it contains no toxic chemicals.

You absolutely can install multiple units of this device to ensure it brings the greatest efficiency by offering 360 degrees coverage.

Moreover, in some cases, using the predator eyes pro can also trick the thief and protecting your house.

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Do you need to add crested gecko accessories in their cage?

If you are finding a way to set up your crested gecko’s enclosure habitat, do not forget to add crested gecko accessories. Crested geckos are vertebrate tropical species, there are three basic requirements of them that you should provide when you set up and decoration their cage: places to hide, things for them to jump or climb water accumulation.

Besides, you should ensure that you are present the cage in the correct way. Your crested geckos require enough space to hide and cover them in order to avoid stress by exposing; enough height and branches for them to climb; and the proper humidity with the best reptile fogger.

Why you should add gecko accessories in their cage?

Environmental enrichment for animals in captivity is necessary but not every crested gecko’s owner takes notice of it. There are some benefits of environmental enrichment are: improve the development of neural and cognitive functions; improve activity frequency; decrease stress levels and susceptibility; improve immune ability and build up resistance:

In captivity, your crested geckos tend to live much more sedentary than their wildlife. So it is important to provide them enough space to adjust their body temperature and doing some instinct behavior.

Adding accessories in their cage can simulate their activity; decrease the risk of obesity and some other health problem.

According to the study, doing exercise and activity play an important role in improving neural and reduces stress. It allows your geckos to exhibit their natural behaviors.

What are accessories you should put in crested gecko cage?

Branches, vines, live plants, fake plants, tubes, hide boxes, PVC pipes, bamboo, moss, food dish platform, etc

How to choose safe accessories?

You can buy these accessories at any pet stores or even DIY it for your pet but whatever you use as accessories, ensure that it safe for your crested geckos. Ensure that not get any things with sharp or rough edges or with dangerous electrical wires. They also should be free from paint or dyes.

There are also some plants can harm your crested gecko, so before buying, you need to do some little research to discover types of plans that safe for them.

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Buying Guide: Best Red Dot for Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is a reliable hand gun and has great accuracy. The bullet will be accurate under most circumstances when firing. The best red dot for ruger 10/22 is a great accessory to obtain. It allows the user to target the bullet to a specific spot. That makes the best red dot for ruger 10/22 a top priority. New gun owners should understand how the sight is added. It provides a good look at how the gun is used as well. The sight could make a big difference in how the gun is aimed. Proper targeting is a must for all new gun owners who try out the model.

The best red dot sight for ruger 10/22 is well reviewed by people. Other users have given the red dot a chance in the past. They claim that it improves accuracy in a lot of good ways. It simplifies how people can aim the gun under most circumstances. That also gives gun owners more confidence in the shot that they will take. Benefit from the reviews written by other people so far. They can vouch for the effectiveness of the added sight to the gun. Then people can write new reviews based on their initial take with the gun.

The cost of the 10/22 reflex sight is well worth it to people. They can pay just a small additional price tag and fire a great new hand gun. That appeals to dedicated collectors and gun enthusiasts on the market today. Trust the manufacturer and look for a great new sight to be added. The weapon store is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to try something new in time. Order online and have the product shipped very soon. There are just a few added shipping fees to be expected.

Click here for more info hunting gear.

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Everything You Want to Know About Amps Calculating

Amp calculating is a subject you need when something brakes down. Most people buy something whenever the harm is already done to a device or any other product. You drive your car into a pool and did not have an insurance, after this you will have a car insurance for sure, but it would have been more convenient if you bought a car insurance in the first place. The same case is an amp calculator or trolling motor, can be also called.

The amp calculator or trolling motor, is a measuring instrument to calculate the amps which are still on an electric device. The power of electric can be put out as an amp, back in the days they called it an amp calculator but now everyone uses the synonym trolling motor. The old amp calculators used a magnetic field which was build for the electric to measure. A conductor was used to flow the electric load to the magnetic field and strengthened the measure device. The induced magnetic field was then measured with a spring and a clock. These days are long over with a trolling motor. This device can measure the amps in just under 30 seconds with an accuracy never seen before. The amp calculator was not that accurate either, just the smallest punch or touch made the calculator unusable and not reliable.

Because this was the case, they later created a rotary coil meter. This device was already better then the amp calculator and the middle step of becoming the trolling motor. The analoge meter was more accurate and had a lower power level to use. The biggest concern of this device was that they could not measure electrical circulation physical on a long term basis. The process needs to be broken down after 10 seconds to be measured again and again. So you would have to measure 3 times to see if it had a good average. This is why they used a power tong more and more often. This is a handy tool which exists out of two separate steel rings that could be put on the steel wire to measure the alternating current electric power.

Recapitulating we can state that the amp calculator has made a great transformation through the years. Nowadays everyone uses a trolling motor to measure any electrical device. Make sure you also have one and check out another great article about it here.

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What is the Answer to Power in Your Backyard?

An inverter charger can provide you with power anywhere in your house. Whether it is in at your third floor where no electricity is present, if your backyard were you wat to listen to some great music, or you want a power supply for your new pool. An inverter charger can do it all.

Do you often need 230 volts devices when you are on the road, in your car or you just want electricity that can deliver sufficient power outside your home? Check out some of the best power inverters here. Such a voltage vormer is directly connected to the device and will translate electricity from 12 volts to 230 volts, the same as a socket. Smaller voltage vormers (till 300 watts) can also be connected to a cigarette connection. In the rule, we can transfer a power inverter to cigarette connections. In the most cases a power of 600 watt is sufficient for example a laptop, sound system or coffee machine.

A mass combi inverter charger can transform a battery charger in one device. This is a great device which gives the best of two worlds in one electric system. It is also the most advanced technique out there and can be bundled where you are absolutely sure that you will get the value for money. Without any space to ask, this device provides the space for the best basic supply and for smaller systems. In no other haven you should worry about the quality of the power supply; it is all done with a mass combi inverter charger!

The power supply is good and reliable. Devices, also for home use can now be safely attached to the board. Because of this inverter charger, you can also attack airconditioning systems to this device, dish washers and microwaves. Were you do not have electricity cables, because you live in an older house or parts were no electricity was necessary. The only thing you should watch out for is that an inverter charger cannot be used with a airconditioning and a dishwasher. So if you want to have a cool room throughout the day, always make sure when you put the dishwasher on; you put the airconditioning off. This way the charger will not become overloaded.

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