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Robert P. Burns, CEO

A pioneering force in a revolutionary, retirement-friendly financial industry, Robert P. Burns was born in Pennsylvania to Depression-era parents who raised him with commonsense wisdom and a profound appreciation of the meaning of a dollar. Tom and Marsha Burns emphasized generosity of both money and spirit.

Blessed with a natural passion for helping people manage their finances, Robert initially put his values to use as part of what he now calls “that other financial industry”—that is, the one that gets all the free publicity and, more recently, has capsized so many retirements. At the time it was pretty much the only game in town. Rob was the in- house financial-services specialist for a local bank as well as a branch manager, and he later managed accounts for a “household name” brokerage. Robert did well enough on behalf of his clients during the boom years—that's the easy part—but was never comfortable with the self-serving business model or the risk to which his clients' assets were

exposed. Then came the crash of 2008, the second major market tumble of the decade. After a particularly tense account review with an older couple, Robert had his “aha moment”: He vowed never again to be involved with financial products that might later force him to apologize for failing to protect a client's nest egg.

This awakening put Robert on a path of financial discovery that ultimately led him to the unique, “upside- only” investing regimen that defines, Senior Safety Net and has made the company one of the fastest-growing firms in the nation's hottest financial niche: retirement-income planning.

Because he works only with people in or near retirement, Rob routinely attends intense, ongoing training on the details and tricky nuances of IRAs and other retirement accounts, and remains ever current with IRS laws that affect people in retired years.

Through his new book, The Perfect-Retirement Formula: Lock in Profits, Eliminate Loss, Rob shares his expertise with a broad audience of older Americans who seek honest guidance as they make key decisions about their financial futures.

In his increasingly limited spare time, Rob pursues a number of philanthropic/civic activities. He is a Mason, a Shriner, and active with Mikayla's Voice and Relay for Life. Rob is also involved with Vets for Vets, the Sons of the American Legion, and founder and Past President of American Legion Riders Post 184.


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Mike S. Schmoyer, COO

Service is the common denominator in COO Mike Schmoyer's career. Mike served his country as an Airborne Ranger stationed throughout the U.S. and in various South American “hot spots.” He then began a long and successful career with consumer-products giant Johnson & Johnson, eventually taking on senior sales, marketing and operational roles. In his two decades at J&J, Mike was part of managing some of the world's most-recognized and widely applauded brands. He has also been active in civic and philanthropic work, especially as it benefits U.S. military veterans.

Reaching midlife himself, Mike was disturbed by the unsettled financial terrain he saw around him—and the personal tragedies that resulted. He decided that he would like to put his extensive management and organizational experience to work at helping retirees protect the assets that they worked a lifetime to accumulate. He met Rob one afternoon at a charity bike ride designed to benefit veterans, and the rest is history.

Today Mike's team certifies the right product or mix of products to meet a client's goals; ensures that fund transfers occur promptly and securely; and double-checks that all necessary procedural tasks are accomplished. This can be challenging work in today's financial climate, but given Mike's background, he is obviously no stranger to challenges.

Away from the office, Mike has also made a lifetime commitment as an active member of the American Legion, a Mason, and is active with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Mikayla's Voice and Relay for Life. He also serves as a volunteer board member of Vets for Vets, a local nonprofit that provides transitional housing and counseling for homeless veterans.

In both his military and corporate careers, Mike focused on one thing above all else: achieving the mission. Now he stands ready and able to help you achieve yours.