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    Knowledge is power. Our workshops and dinner presentations furnish you with a wealth of information--and thus the power to implement the strategy most suited to achieving your Perfect Retirement. However, these events are also designed to address two common questions that occur to consumers who are exposed to our perfect-retirement formula for the first time:

    “If it can really do all these things you say, why haven't I heard about it?”

    “Come on, Rob...I wasn't born yesterday. This just sounds too good to be true.”

    Upside-only investing is relatively new, yes, but has been implemented in a variety of forms since 1995. Last year, such vehicles accounted for $45 billion in new investments. So there's nothing unproven or gimmicky about the financial solutions that can be used to form the heart of your perfect-retirement formula. If you haven’t heard much – or anything – about this kind of investing, it’s no surprise. Protected investments and secure financial strategies don’t make headlines. Without the excitement of risk and the drama of potentially big gains and big losses, this end of the industry doesn’t have much reason to attract media attention.

    Also, if this sounds “too good to be true,” it could be because of those old tapes still playing in your head from when you were first began investing. How many times have you heard it said through the years? “You have to take risk to build your assets.”

    If you have a traditional financial advisor, you're probably still hearing it today.

    Thankfully, there's something in this great country called progress. And thankfully, some of America's most successful financial institutions have worked hard to create products where you no longer have to choose between safety and the potential for meaningful appreciation and/or income growth. This is the very heart and soul of upside-only investing. You can choose to receive a predictable stream of withdrawals at a rate that may beat the Dow's historical return, or you can participate in a bull market—whichever rate is greater! Such products allow Senior Safety Net clients to have the best of both worlds.

    Why not call and make an appointment to come see us, so you can decide for yourself if this is “for you.” We're here to answer your questions and allay your concerns.

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