Grow Room Installation Pricing

Cannabis Grow Room Installation – Price Structure

Basic Installation Services: Set up and installation includes everything needed for your first grow.

  •   4\’ x 4\’ Tent ( 4-6 plants) = $2,899
    • Cultivating 14-16 ounces of dried cannabis every 4-5 months.
    • This equates to roughly $3,500 worth of cannabis in your first grow, and then the same amount in every grow after. (14 oz at $250/oz)
  • 4\’ x 8\’  Tent ( 6-12 plants) = $4,599
    • Cultivating 30-35 ounces of dried cannabis every 4-5 months.
    • Equaling $7,500 worth of cannabis in every grow cycle (30 oz at $250)


  • All equipment needed to grow high quality cannabis
    • Organic Nutrients, Soil, fans, grow tent, carbon filter Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, etc
  • ​Training & education. We will teach you everything you need to know for a successful harvest.
  • Ongoing Support for all of your growing needs. We are here to answer any questions that come up along the way.
  • Guaranteed success or we will give you  your money back. If you are fully satisfied after your first grow cycle, we will come remove everything and issue you a full refund.

Add ons and extras: Cost will vary based on individual needs.

  • Extra Lights
  • Adding CO2
  • Extra Tent(s)
  • Automated Watering System
  • Outdoor Grow Garden
  • Greenhouse

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Financial benefits of growing your own cannabis:

  • You will save thousands of dollars every month by cultivating your own marijuana, below is a basic example showing how much you will save.
    • 12 plants will produce 3 lbs – 4 lbs of dried cannabis in roughly 3-4 months. 
    • This is equal to 48-64 ounces. 
    • The average price of an ounce of weed at a dispensary in Michigan is roughly $250. 
    • Based on these numbers, you can produce $12,000 – $16,000 worth of cannabis in your first grow cycle.
    • Which will not only pay for our service, but it will leave you with a nice chunk of change. Then every grow after that will be pure profits
  • This means, Your new garden will essentially pay for itself after your first round of plants.

Cannabis Grow Tent Installation in a residential home. LED & LCD Double light setup in a 4\' x 4\'. Legal Recreational Marijuana in Michigan.

Marijuana grow room installation in Michigan. Residential customer with a tent in a spare room, growing 5 weed plants under LED & LCD lighting setup

Close up picture of white widow under LED & LCD lighting. Recreational Marijuana in the state of michigan grown legally in a residential home

8 small cannabis plants growing in pots. Legal recreational marijuana in Michigan. New Cannabis Garden Installation

Recreational Legal Cannabis growing in the state of Michigan in a residential home. Installed by Cannabis Installation Profesionals

Close up of cannabis after trimming and ready to smoke. Recreational Marijuana in Michigan. Legally grown in a home weed garden by Cannabis Installation Professionals

Flowering cannabis plant, early to mid flowering, close up picture showing dense trichomes and white hairs sticking out all over. Grow room set up by Cannabis Installation Professionals of Michigan. Legal recreational marijuana grow tent in home.