Haze VS Kush: What Is The Best Cannabis Strain?

The most popular cannabis strain on 420 seed bank all have names ending in Haze or Kush. It is the parents to breed strain with other strains to create more experience for the stoner.

And between these two prominent strains, there are many differences, but their common points are the best quality strain. Therefore, they appear more as the parents to create the most ideal F1.

But if we create a confrontation between Haze and Kush, what is the best cannabis strain? In this post, we will compare these two strain to find the answer to that question.

#1 Origin

Haze is the most famous Hybrid 100% Sativa strain of cannabis strain. Haze is also the most widely cultivated Sativa strain in the world and is extremely popular. Haze began to appear in the 1970s in Santa Cruz area of California, USA.

Haze is a hybrid of 100% Sativa trees of Mexico, Colombia, India and Thailand.

Meanwhile Kush is a special type of marijuana native to the Hindu Kush mountain region. This mountain range stretches across the Afghan-Pakistan border and is one of the few geographical areas where cannabis plants grow naturally. Kush contains many dominant genes of Indica strain.

#2 Appearence

Haze and Kush have a big difference in appearance. If you know the form of each strain, you can distinguish them easily.

Haze dominates Sativa so it grows very tall and skinny body. Therefore, it is more suitable to grow outdoors than indoors, some Haze seeds can grow up to a height of 8m.

Haze has thin and long leaves. Their buds are usually green with a hint of orange and yellow on top.

Meanwhile, Kush dominates Indica so it usually grows low, stout. So Kush is ideally grown indoors.

Kush has fat leaves, flower buds are vividly colored and leans towards dark green.

#3 Flavor & Aroma

Between these two strains there is also a clear difference in flavor and aroma. You can also immediately distinguish these two types of strain one to experience them.

Haze has a brighter flavor, it is more sweet and sour. It has a pleasant and refreshing aroma, often with orange, tangerine and a slight sweetness of the soil and herbs.

Kush has a unique and stronger flavor. Smoke often has a pungent and complex odor, often containing diesel oil, herbs, grapes and oranges.

#4 Effect

Both Haze and Kush bring impressive experiences to stoners. However, these two strains bring different effects, suitable for different purposes.

Haze dominated Sativa so it works to uplift and energize the stoner. It also increases creativity and reduces anxiety and fatigue for stoners.

Kush dominates Indica so it has more sedative and analgesic effect. Kush is extremely suitable for those who often insomnia. It both brings happiness and helps stoner reduce anxiety. But it will bring feelings of drowsiness and fatigue when used.