10 Marijuana Seeds Shipped to US: Best Online Seed Bank 2022

Having marijuana seeds shipped to the US is not entirely difficult, but that only applies to reputable cannabis seed banks. There are many online seed banks out there but not all can safely and securely deliver cannabis seeds to the US.

Also, not all seed banks can provide the highest quality marijuana seeds to customers. So, in addition to checking if the online seed bank ships to the US, growers also need to know about the quality of the seeds and the services they provide.

Below, we will introduce you to the best seed banks that offer marijuana seeds shipped to US. US growers are completely free to refer to.

Top 10 Marijuana Seeds Shipped to US

#1 Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana Seeds is an online seed bank based in Amsterdam. Nirvana Seeds offers high quality cannabis seeds at affordable prices and this seed bank also has a good reputation. This online seed bank has quite a long history in the industry and they have good experience with their business.

Nirvana Seeds offers a diverse collection of cannabis strains that will meet the needs of most users. In particular, this seed bank offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds suitable for beginner growers. If you are a grower with no farming experience, Nirvana Seeds should be a preferred choice.

This online seed bank hand-picks its own seeds to meet specific quality criteria. In addition, Nirvana Seeds applies an organic growing method to its cannabis plants, so growers can rest assured that they are receiving stable genetics and the best quality seeds.

#2 Sensible Seeds

Sensible Seeds is a family-run online seed bank. This seed bank has built a good reputation during its years in the cannabis industry. They have received countless positive reviews and a very high rate of repeat customers.

Sensible Seeds ships its cannabis seeds to different parts of the world. Shipping is fast and secure even if you are in states that have not yet legalized marijuana in the US. Orders are mostly fulfilled on time, and Sensible Seeds has good experience with this.

This online seed bank has partnered with reputable breeders to collect over 3000 seed options for customers to review. Their seed collection is diverse enough that any grower of any level or interest can find cannabis seeds for themselves. Germination rate and seed quality in this collection are not controversial at all.

#3 Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds is a reputable brand and they have built a good relationship with many growers around the world. This seed bank is well known for providing the best seeds with impressive germination rates, and so is the concentration of THC.

This seed bank performs very rigorous testing on every cannabis seed in its seed inventory before shipping it to customers. That is why there are very few complaints regarding unsuccessful germination rates, or poor quality seeds.

When you’re ready to buy, you’ll notice that the prices aren’t the cheapest. However, they still compete based on which strain you want.

#4 Highgrade Seeds

Highgrade Seeds is an online seed bank that delivers its cannabis seeds and services to most locations in the world. If growers are looking for top-notch cannabis strains, Highgrade Seeds may well satisfy you.

Highgrade Seeds offers an impressive collection of top-notch cannabis strains. They do not hesitate to provide more information, knowledge they know about every cannabis seed they have. For some difficult-to-grow cannabis seeds, growers can contact Highgrade Seeds directly for guidance and help with the utmost dedication.

This seed bank offers fast and secure delivery. US growers can expect to receive their orders in one to two weeks. This online seed bank doesn’t offer a germination guarantee, but their seeds themselves are of good quality so that’s not too scary.

#5 Rhino Seeds

Rhino Seeds may not be top-notch, but they guarantee the same quality and service as any other major seed bank. Rhino Seeds offers quality cannabis seeds, at guaranteed prices.

Rhino Seeds’ cannabis seed collection is said to satisfy even the most demanding growers. And inexperienced growers can also get used to growing cannabis with their own seeds.

Rhino Seeds has a very enthusiastic and attentive customer service team. They are also well equipped to answer customer queries. Growers should note that Rhino Seeds do not offer a germination guarantee, and international delivery times are slow.

#6 i49 Seed Bank

i49 Seed Bank is a reputable and legit seed bank. This seed bank has been with the cannabis industry long enough to understand and know how these particular businesses operate. So, when buying seeds at i49 Seed Bank, growers can rest assured and expect to receive good cannabis strains.

This seed bank offers an 80% germination guarantee on every order. They are willing to replace non-germinated seeds with new, better quality seeds, for free. There are reviews regarding the seed quality of i49 Seed Bank, but you already have good interests in mind, so you can rest assured.

US growers can choose their favorite seeds from over 400 different cannabis strains that i49 Seed Bank offers. All orders will be discrete, affordable shipping to the US.