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    Do I Need Life Insurance After I Retire?
    featured in Forbes

    When completing your spending budget for retirement it’s common to go through your list and do away with any unnecessary expenses. This exercise often helps to prioritize your retirement lifestyle allowing you to allocate more money for vacation adventures and less money for frivolous things like extra TV channels and in some cases life insurance premiums.

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    Ageism Robs Older Workers and Our Economy
    featured in Lehigh Valley Business by Robert Burns

    Each year, my retirement-finance practice brings me into contact with hundreds of people who are considering leaving the workforce for good. For most it's a happy milestone; they look forward to that time of life we call the golden years.

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    Don't Balance America's Books on the Backs of Retirees
    featured in The Morning Call by Robert Burns

    John F. Kennedy famously said, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can for your country."

    Sixty million Americans either in or near retirement walked the walk: They showed what they could do for America. Millions showed it by risking life and limb at Normandy, on the frozen tundra of Korea or in the soggy jungles of Vietnam. It won't be long before they're joined by those who trudged through the burning sands of Iraq in the first Gulf war.

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    Outliving Your Money: It Doesn't Have To Be
    featured in Lehigh Valley Business by Robert Burns

    It’s alarmist to point out that during the past dozen years alone, retirees have seen their nest eggs cut in half not just once, but twice?

    I’m being an alarmist?

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    Add Portfolio Insurance Just In Case Of Market Crash In 2016
    featured in Forbes

    The furious swings in the market combined with the uncertainty of the upcoming presidential election have spooked many investors. In response, some adept advisors are recommending for you to take action now, before it’s too late, and incorporate “portfolio insurance” into your investment strategy.

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    Noted retirement expert Robert P. Burns publishes 'The Perfect-Retirement Formula'
    featured in Main Line Times

    Robert P. Burns, CEO of one of the retirement sector's fastest-growing financial firms, Senior Safety Net of Center Valley, PA, spends his days (and many nights) helping anxious retirees recover from the past decade's two market meltdowns. Now, in his new book, The Perfect- Retirement Formula, Mr. Burns for the first time shares his expertise with a broader audience of Americans who seek straight talk about their financial futures—and who expect both safety and real growth.

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    "Growth with guarantees to ensure a great retirement lifestyle"
    Featured by Buck County Courier News

    Robert Burns Retirement specialists open first area branch in West Conshohocken
    featured in The Times Herald Business

    WEST CONSHOHOCKEN — Like Nik Wallenda plodding across the Grand Canyon, many folks have been walking a tightrope with their investments for years.

    By the time they’re in their 50s and beyond and are seeking the advice of retirement specialists Rob Burns and Mike Schmoyer, they’re more than ready to de-risk themselves from the whims of Wall Street.

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    Buyer Beware: It's Business As Usual On Wall Street
    featured in The Morning Call by Robert Burns

    In the aftermath of the crash of 2008, America got a sickening lesson in the greed and dishonesty of Wall Street. At first the media were obsessed with Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion swindle, but it soon became clear that things were going on daily at Wall Street’s glamour investment houses that made Madoff’s misdeeds look like child’s play.

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