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    Why Senior Safety Net

    Why Us?

    Our Ongoing Client Commitment and Support:

    At Senior Safety Net, we strive to bring continuous value to our clients!  Once you join our family, we will continue to provide you with personalized service and attention to ensure you remain confident, educated and in control of your path to financial independence. Our clients have access to our customized resources, and we offer our ongoing focus and support throughout your experience with us.


    Annual Phone or In-Person Strategic Review: Based upon your preference, we will conduct either an annual phone or an in-person review of your overall strategic plan and its performance. This meeting will also include a discussion of any changing aspirations or additional concerns that you may have which may require adjustments to your current strategic plan. This will also take into account any lifestyle changes.

    Annual Strategy Change Consultation: When your strategic plan includes the use of indexed products, Client Services will contact you when your product elections need to be made for the upcoming year.  Based upon your preference, we will conduct either a phone or an in-person review. If you choose to have your review over the phone, and you elect to make changes, we will mail you the completed recommendations. We will also include a postage paid envelope for easy completion.


    Client Specialization Services: Clients utilizing any of our services will be provided guidance and help in the completion of requests such as withdrawals, RMD setup and management, beneficiary changes, address changes, etc.

    Online Training: Senior Safety Net clients who are in need of assistance on how to access their individual accounts online can simply call our Client Services Director who will be available to walk you through this process and provide any other assistance you may need to access your account information. We want you to be comfortable with every aspect of your investment accounts.

    Client Contact Support: You are our CLIENT and you and your retirement is our priority! To enhance your client experience as part of our family, our highly trained staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of service and planning which ensures that you have rapid and accurate answers to all of your questions. You will also have access to a Retirement Specialist whenever the need arises typically the same day that you reach out.

    Life Event and Client Greeting Cards: Throughout the year, you will receive personal greetings from our team to celebrate special occasions to let you know that we are thinking of you. Please let us know of ANY occasions that are important to you! Yes, even your pets’ birthdays.

    Ongoing Special Events and Education:

    Client Educational Events: These dinner seminars have proven to be very educational to our clients in the past. The seminars are by invitation only and allow you to bring your closest friends for an informative evening on a range of topics that affect everyone nearing or in retirement. Some planned topics include tax planning, wills and estate planning.

    Client Educational Retirement Courses: In addition, we also offer educational courses, entitled “Perfect-Retirement® Formula.” These courses are comprehensive 2-day, six-hour courses aimed to educate those approaching retirement on the fundamentals of planning for their future financial success.

    Client Referral Recognition: We are proud that a large percentage of our clients have been referred to us by other clients. We will recognize your dedication and commitment to helping your friends and family at our annual client formal. Remember, people like you are the type of people that will be a great fit for our future family.

    Client Appreciation Events: Our clients love these events! These invitation-only occasions are simply to say thank you! We appreciate, and take very seriously, the fact that you have entrusted your retirement lifestyle to our team. We use this as an opportunity to get to know you better in order to better serve you in the future. You are typically able to bring a couple of your closest friends to these events to share in the experience.

    Monthly Newsletter: We will keep you up to date on everything happening within the company. Rob will provide a valuable educational column, we give updates on the international financial landscape, our latest community involvement and even some personal fun tips.

    And much much more!

    Strategies for Financial Independence

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