Purple Ice Water Strain Effects & Review – Mysterious Cannabis Strain with Irresistible Taste

Purple Ice Water seeds may not be the well-known cannabis strain, but it really makes a big impression on professional smokers. If you are looking for a quick stress reliever cannabis strain for beginners, then Purple Ice Cream Cake strain, or more precisely Purple Ice Water will be the perfect choice.

Purple Ice Water strain also pleases growers because this strain is easy to grow, easy to care for and gives good yield. However there is very little information about this strain when you search Purple Ice Water strain allbud or Purple Ice wikileaf. That’s why we created this Purple Ice Water strain review with the aim of providing information about this cannabis strain to growers and smokers.

Item Review

Purple Ice Water Strain


happy – 10, relaxed – 10, euphoric – 7, uplifted – 4, creative – 4


dry mouth – 10

dry eyes – 8, dizzy – 4, headache – 3, paranoid – 2


earthy, fruity, grape


flowery, earthy, lavender, sweet, grape, berry


stress – 10, pain – 8, depression – 5, insomnia – 5, nausea – 4


8-9 weeks


mid October








45% / 55%


17oz/ m2


19oz/ plant


warm and dry, away from frost




resistant to common molds and mildew

Source: ILGM

Purple Ice Water Origins

There is not too much information regarding Purple Ice strain parents. The origin of this cannabis strain is still a controversial topic, but one possibility is still tilted. That is Purple Ice Water strain which is a cross between Ice Cream Cake and Grape Cream. These two delicious-tasting cannabis strains have created a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

At 55% Sativa and 45% Indica, Purple Ice Water shows its advantage in mood regulation. In addition, Purple Ice Water also has a delicious taste that can satisfy the most demanding smokers. We will go deeper into Purple Ice Water strain info below.

Purple Ice Water Effects

To talk about Purple Ice Water strain effects, I would say that this cannabis strain is really for smokers of any level and any time of day. With a moderate THC content but low cbd, Purple Ice Water offers a mild mental impact but is euphoric enough to give you a quick break out of stress.

This amazing high is ideal to use any time of the day, with all experience levels. It brings a lasting and soothing relaxation that makes you forget all worries and stress. Your mind will immediately be filled with euphoria and euphoria, resulting in a much better mood.

In addition, Purple Ice Water is also ideal and very useful for artists or those in the creative field. This cannabis strain will be uplifting and a good source of inspiration for you to get things done.

Overall, the Purple Ice Water effect does not make you tired or lethargic, it just brings a change to the mood in a good state. So beginners should not ignore this cannabis strain.

Purple Ice Water Fragrance & Flavors

Purple Ice Water’s signature scent is blueberry and it’s also the first scent you’ll smell. Purple Ice Water has the scent of a combination of berries and forest fruits. If you look closely, you will notice an earthy scent mixed in there. This very scent is also a particularly pleasant sedative.

With the emphasis on berries, especially blueberries, you will feel the sweetness and a little sourness. And this refreshing taste is neutralized with a slight nutty taste. That is why many people cannot resist the delicious taste of this cannabis strain as soon as they smell it.

A special feature of the taste of Purple Ice Water is that when inhaled, you will notice a combination of forest and earthy fruit flavors. But when exhaled, the smoke coming out will bring with it an extremely attractive blueberry flavor.

Purple Ice Water Medical

Besides Purple Ice Water’s remarkable recreational value, this cannabis strain also offers great medical value to the user. That’s why you can see Purple Ice Water appearing in some medical prescriptions. This cannabis strain is very valuable in regulating both physical and mental states.

As mentioned above, Purple Ice Water does not bring any fatigue or reduced energy to the smoker. On the contrary, this cannabis strain helps maintain alertness, alertness and reduces fatigue for the body. It’s like a kind of energizer to improve your sluggishness with a sense of alertness.

In addition, this strain can act as a natural pain reliever. It can treat migraines, arthritis, or back pain. It also has the ability to suppress nausea, which is especially beneficial for cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

Patients with depression and anxiety disorders will also benefit from Purple Ice Water. This cannabis strain can instantly eliminate stress and anxiety by invading a good mood in the mind. It will help you to be more positive and optimistic, mentally lighter and happier.

Purple Ice Water Growing

Good news for beginner growers who don’t have any cannabis seed care experience, Purple Ice Water is easy to grow and this strain should be on your priority list. Purple Ice Water seeds can grow both indoors and outdoors and do not require any special care.

Indoor plants are easier to care for and easier to control. So if you are an inexperienced grower, it is better to grow Purple Ice Water seeds indoors. Indoor plants will be more modest in height and growers can use a number of height control techniques to increase yield. This seed is resistant to common molds and some pests. Plants need only minimal amounts of nutrients to grow healthy.

Growing outdoors will give a higher yield, but at the same time more difficult to control. The plant’s berry scent can be quite strong, so if you want to avoid prying eyes from your neighbors, keep it hidden. And while this cannabis strain is resistant to common molds, growers should also be aware of other pests and diseases. Purple Ice Water’s sweet scent is sure to attract some pests.

Purple Ice Water is a good yielding cannabis strain. Indoor yields will be around 17 ounces/m2, and outdoor yields are around 19 ounces/plant. It is quite possible for professional growers to achieve higher yields by using a number of sophisticated techniques.

Where Can I Buy Purple Ice Water Seeds?

Purple Ice Water is a mysterious cannabis strain so it is quite difficult to buy this seed. However, there are still some online seed banks that offer Purple Ice Water seeds for growers at good prices. Some of the online seed banks we recommend you choose from include:

  • Seeds Here Now – Bloom Seed Co. – Purple Ice Water
  • Breeders Direct Seed Co. – Purple Ice Water (Ice Cream Cake x Grape Cream Cake)
  • Insane Seeds – Purple Ice Water (Reg)