Top 8 Best Soil pH Reader: pH Tester Kit Reviews

If you have an enthusiasm for gardening of if you are owning a garden, you should know about the importance of soil pH reader and do not forget to test the pH level of your soil frequently before and during the growing season. The plants rely heavily on the nutrients in the soil to flourish, evaluating the soil pH level will let you know what nutrient your soil is missing and what you should do to adjust the soil and create a healthy, optimal environment for plants to grow and thrive. This top 8 best soil pH reader review will help you make the right decision on prefer pH reader for your need.

10 pH Tester Kit Reviews

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#1 Puetz Golf Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Meter

With an affordable price, excellent performance, accurate reading result, Puetz Golf soil pH meter is great option to go for. In addition to pH, this meter also can be used to determine moisture and sunlight level. It may assist you in planting flowers and any type of plants. There’s no need for batteries or any power source. It is very easy to use as you just need inserting the long probes into the soil, switch and choose the parameter you want to measure. This product will tell if you need to water your plants, manage pH levels and let you know if your plants receive enough light they need in both outdoor and indoor garden.

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#2 MoonCity Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kits

MoonCity Soil pH meter is also a 3-in-1 unit, that means it not only measure pH but also moisture and sunlight level. It will assist you in taking better care of your plants by providing accurate pH readings. It is simple to use, plugging it into the soil and wait for a few minutes to get the reading result. It does not need any external power like batteries or electric, making it completely portable and handy at any time to use indoor and outdoor. This device provides scientifically precise estimates.

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#3 Oakton AO-35423-01 EcoTestr pH 2+ Pocket pH Meter

The Oakton 35423-10 EcoTestr pH 2+ is a waterproof pH tester that measure pH levels in liquid and often use for hydroponics growing system. The pH scale ranges from 0.0 to 14.0. It has a three-point calibration capability that allows it to produce a wide variety of results. if the temperature fluctuates between 0 and 50 degrees, this meter still ensures the accurate reading thanks to Automatic Temperature Compensation technology. It comes with an upright, single-line, big LCD display with convenient indications.

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#4 HM Digital HMPH80 Digital pH/Temperature Meter

The HM Digital PH-80 is a smart, high technology, digital pH tester that comes with a lot of functions. It features one-touch automated calibration, relieves you of the burden of manually calibrating it. It measures and provides pH and temperatures result at the same time in the display. It is designed with a water-proof case that protects it from liquids. It is very lightweight, elegant form, and pocket size makes it highly portable. It offers the result of +/- 2% reading accuracy, 1pH resolution, with a pH range from 0 to 14.

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#5 Apera Instruments SX610 Waterproof pH Pen Tester

Apera Instruments SX610 pH Pen Tester is a very simple device as it is designed with only one button for operation. I love the small, compact size of this tester as it is easy to carry and store. If you are looking for a pH tester your hydroponics garden with a low cost, this one is the perfect option. The pH probe is replaceable. The Apera instrument comes with a full set of calibration, lithium batteries, all in a convenient box. It is waterproof, comes with Easy Auto Calibration, automatic turn off, low battery alarm features. It also allows user to choose between F and C temperature measurement value.

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#6 SONKIR Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester

This 3-in-1 pH meter is used to determine the pH of soil, moisture and sunlight. This bundles a number of functions into a single tool. This meter will tell you whether your soil is in good or not for your plants and let you know when your plants requires water. What I like the most is that Sonkir’s Soil pH Meter has a one-year guarantee. The only disadvantage of this meter is that it is not very accurate all the time, the reading result may varies a little.

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#7 Covery 3 in 1 Soil Tester

This is a popular soil tester and has been recommended by many gardeners. It’s a useful item to have around the house if you’re gardening. The tester is durable and very reliable thanks to its sturdy case. An instruction manual is included with the kit. This will help you figure out how to adjust your soil to achieve the greatest harvest. You can use this small tester to determine the amount of light, acidity, and moisture content. It’s simple to operate, and doesn’t require batteries.

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#8 APULUSTE Digital PH Meter, PH Meter 0.01 PH High Accuracy Water Quality Tester

This digital pH meter from Apuluste has a lot of good characteristics, so it’s a good choice if it is the first time you buy a pH meter. It can be used as a water thermometer as well as a pH meter. It takes only a few seconds to calibrate with only one touch. It provides pH measurements quickly for both temperature and water quality. This pH meter also very affordable, making it an excellent choice for people who have limited budget.