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    Build wealth even after retirement. Retirement advisors often make a distinction between the accumulation phase and the draw-down phase. That is, your working years vs. your retirement years. But with many of our most popular upside-only vehicles, you're still accumulating even after retirement—without risk of loss. In effect, your accumulation phase never ends. You just don't have to work for it anymore.

    Guarantee that you will stay retired. The August 2014 issue of Harper's contains an article about the unfortunate "workamping" epidemic. Workampers are individuals who basically can't afford to retire in the conventional sense so they live in an RV on the periphery of factories and warehouses, where they exchange their services for menial wages and/or mere campsite time. Sure, Americans always try to turn a negative into a positive, so some will describe workamping as a kind of endless vacation. But isn't it sad that these people are basically homeless and must barter their services in order to live? And that there's enough of them to have their own publication, Workamper News?

    Choose a winning income strategy.

    Protect what's yours. Granted, it's difficult to build on what isn't there...or what's rapidly being eroded by market volatility or high market fees. Therefore the first principle of retirement wealth management is “never put your principal at risk.” This may not be your approach with every last penny; you may wish to set aside funds for risk-based investing or as "mad money." We applaud this and wish you well. But certainly you must secure the money that will form the basis of your Perfect Retirement® formula—the funds that will generate the growth and/or income necessary to ensure "income for lifestyle." As much as possible you want to shelter your money from market harm and from the tax man: With our strategies you can beat the IRS at its own game, deferring or even eliminating taxes.

    Ensure smooth transfer of wealth. Some retirees may be less worried about cash flow than about passing the maximum possible inheritance to their heirs. Upside-only strategies are flexible--another reason why they're an integral part of your Perfect Retirement® formula.

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