The Choice Seedbank Review: Top 420 Seed Banks Ship to the USA

We would rate Choice Seed bank an decent 420 seed bank. Not the best, but decent and reliable.

However, when comparing their website to the top seed banks we are rating we did notice signicant problems with The Choice Seedbank.

Follow us along and see if you agree we are being picky or not?

First, Feminine cannabis, photoperiod, auto flowering, flowering time, just arrived and whether the plant grows indoor, outdoor or in a greenhouse are all there on the website. However, they are hidden.

There is a white search box to the top right of the website that says quick seed finder.

To find the categories however such as auto flowering, flowering time, and feminized, what you must do is click on advanced search just below the box. Then, and only then do you get the list of various categories to click on.

We don’t know about you but we hate when a seed website lists hundreds of brands, most of which we don’t know without dividing things up into categories.

The other irritation, and it is a major one is there is no category or characterization as to THC content.

Yes, each strain of cannabis seed has a nice description of characteristics of the cannabis when smoked, such as: “provides a stoned/high, all round buzz” but no mention of THC content anywhere. Why? THC is one thing almost every cannabis cultivator cares about.

There are plenty of positives to Choice seeds however.

First, there are nearly 90 products which Choice Seeds sells that allow you to buy a single seed. That’s nice. Many amateur cannabis horticulturists want to “always be testing” and trying something new.

Being locked into a single larger purchase, even if it’s simply a 5-seed pack discourages experimentation.

Another thing we like is that their FAQ’s, the heart of the good stuff and the essential details is right on top in the navigation bar.

What are the essentials? First, that they do ship worldwide to the USA.

Second, those packages are shipped discreetly.

Finally, that they accept credit cards (other than Mastercard and Maestro,) wire transfers, bitcoin and cash. Also, that they ship by Royal Mail and overseas packages generally arrive in 7-15

What do customers say?

Here’s how one customer charterized his transaction. He said he ordered March 14 and recieved his order on March 15. He raved that the packaging was great and all the seeds were intact.

He did gripe a little that the packaging did not come in the original breeder packaging, but that he would defintitely be a return customer.

We’d have no hesitation to recommend this British seed back as reliable, but we do believe you could do better.