Upper Respiratory Illness

How to Prevent Upper Respiratory Illness when Using Cannabis?

The most common form of administration of cannabis is through inhalation. The cannabis contains many compounds similar to tobacco. Thus, heating and combustion of these chemicals may result in short- and long-term respiratory effects. Actually, the problem here is not Cannabis, but it’s the way people uses it. And this is one of the main concerns of cannabis users, how they can prevent upper respiratory illness while using cannabis especially if they are just using the cannabis to treat certain illness they are experiencing. Does it mean that they treat their depression but in exchange get respiratory illness?

Other Ways To Use Cannabis Without Getting Upper Respiratory Illness

All Cannabis users have their own preferred ways in smoking or using Cannabis. However, if you are looking for ways to avoid getting upper respiratory illnesses while enjoying the kicks of Cannabis, then below are other methods you might like to consider.

#1 Vaporization it

If you want fight the urge to enjoy the smoke caused by Cannabis, then vaporization is the thing for you. Vaporization is by far the safest way of smoking Cannabis. Burning Cannabis can cause you its psychoactive effects real fast aside from the other health hazards you could get from burnt product. Unfiltered smoke from Cannabis burning also causes upper respiratory infection and plaque builds up on your teeth.

#2 Eating it

If you are looking for ways to get all the benefits Cannabis could offer without worrying on its undesirable effects, then you must eat Cannabis instead of smoking it. Such ways will avoid you to damage your upper respiratory organ. Take note that the damage is not mainly because of cannabis but because of the smoke you produce while having the cannabis. If you administer it orally, then there is no smoke and there will be no damage in your respiratory organ. The potential risk of chronic bronchitis, infection, and COPD and lung cancer will be prohibited as well. After all, you are having cannabis to treat your depression and not to have another illness to treat.

#3 Drinking it

Who says you can’t drink Cannabis like a tea? People are even using Cannabis through concoction in the ancient times. And since you are taking it in liquified form, you can also crash out one side effects from Cannabis which is cotton mouth.

#4 Tincture it

CBD oil is another way of using Cannabis that has become increasingly popular today. The good thing about this method is that it will cause irritation on your upper respiratory. You just have to shake the bottle before opening it, drop a liquid under your tongue, let it settle for a few seconds, and then swallow it.

Though cannabis is widely used in many states as counterpart of any synthetic medicine for depression, it is still best to seek the advice of your doctor. More so, you should try to take cannabis orally rather than using it as cigarette.