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    Why Senior Safety Net

    Why Us: Why we're different

    We Are Retirement Specialists:

    Our entire company was built on the premise that your everyday broker’s specialty is accumulating assets. This singular concept is perfect when someone is in their 30’s, 40’s, and early 50’s but when you are approaching or in retirement the entire game changes. Your goals, aspirations, concerns and focus are now totally different – or should be. Here at Senior Safety Net, LLC everything we do every day is focused on those differences. Who do you see if you have a heart problem? A Cardiologist not a Primary Care Physician! We are your Financial Specialists for Retirement.

    GPS: What it is and Why You Need It

    Traditionally, financial planning has been focused on rate of return and the creation of a suitable plan geared toward accomplishing the client’s goals. Our proprietary Guided Process Strategy certainly incorporates those important aspects of planning, but it also includes critical components that may have been left un-reviewed.

    One of our clients said it best: “It’s like cleaning out the ‘junk drawer’ in the kitchen for the first time in 40 years and finally getting everything in its place.” What he meant is that our proprietary GPS process organizes your legal, financial and asset protection planning, rather than just accumulating a “junk drawer” of financial and legal stuff over time with no meaningful analysis of how each affects the others. GPS is about coordination, simplification, and focus on purpose – your purpose.

    When you have your GPS, we will demonstrate the problems your family faces and the quantifiable benefits of enlisting our help. We always are looking to invest the least amount of money possible to fix our clients’ gaps. That’s how I would want to be treated and that’s how we treat others.

    Account Registration Review:

    Most people don’t realize the impact of account ownership and how it can affect their future income tax, capital gains tax or on Social Security income. In fact, improper account registration puts you at greater risk of losing your money to future long-term care costs and subjects your estate to the high cost and delay associated with the probate process.

    The GPS process reveals potential gaps in your plan. Often, the goals our prospective clients have are completely out of reach with how they have structured their finances and legal document foundation. Our proprietary process allows you to make the right decisions because of the clarity the process brings to the table. With all the facts presented, you can decide how to proceed.

    GPS is empowering because it allows you, with clear vision, to see for the first time where your money and planning is actually going and make sure it is where you believed you were headed.

    Let’s Start by Analysis & Planning “Smart:”

    Old style “Financial planning” is really about creating a story that sells. When you peel back the layers it seems to me that it’s just a product-selling process. Unlike old style planning, GPS is about problem-solving and driving toward the goal(s) and concern(s) you define that will make the process a success. That can mean a variety of things that include: tax strategy, wealth management, guaranteed income planning and/or insurance planning.

    Custom-Fit Solutions:

    Most planning in America today is very “cookie-cutter.” Not here. Our clients bring in financial problems as different and unique as each of their own fingerprints. No two situations are alike. Therefore, our process is geared toward finding the custom-fit solution to solving our clients’ most pressing problems. Often these gaps keep them up at night worried about their future or the future of their loved ones. We help our clients move toward a goal that they always dreamed of, an outcome that gives them peace of mind and comfort. We refer to it as the “Perfect Retirement®."

    Your 3 Step GPS Process to Reach Your “Perfect Retirement”

    Concept Visit:

    Discovery Visit:

    Strategy & Implementation Visit

    Strategies for Financial Independence

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