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    Your Pefect Retirement®

    In his book, Rob surveys the vast landscape of retirement finance and walks you through the myths and pitfalls.

    "The perfect-retirement formula®" Book

    by Rob Burns

    Yes, “The Perfect-Retirement Formula®” is a groundbreaking book. But that's not all it is. It's also a mindset and a proven retirement strategy. That strategy is the result of a 12-year journey of financial discovery that led Rob Burns to the unique "upside only" formula that now defines Senior Safety Net. It also explains why Senior Safety Net is one of the nation's fastest-growing retirement income practices, with three regional branch offices added to its Center Valley main office in 2014 alone.

    In his book, Rob surveys the vast landscape of retirement finance and walks you through the myths and pitfalls. He also explains the remarkable upside-only platform that can provide full principal protection — for life — plus the tools you can use to help generate the income you need to meet your personal goals. “The Perfect-Retirement Formula” explains Rob's retirement income strategies clearly and plainly, helping position you for a future that lives up to your long-ago visions of your perfect retirement.

    What is this Perfect-Retirement® formula? We can't tell you that without knowing you. You see, the perfect-retirement formula isn't a fixed thing... rather, it's a customizable program that enables you to arrange for income to support the lifestyle you’ve imagined, your personal goals for income, wealth building or transfer of assets and tax minimization. So the perfect-retirement formula is really your perfect-retirement formula, which we'll help you arrange/implement.

    The Perfect-Retirement® formula offers more than just income for life... it offers income for a lifestyle... thanks to the unique genius of upside-only investing.

    As you enter retirement, you want income for life. But — to quote the old Peggy Lee song — is that really all there is?

    Survey after survey shows that Americans are worried about having enough money to pay for basic expenses through a retirement that may last 20 or 30 years. They want to know that they can have income for life. But as we see it, that's a modest and even a somewhat depressing goal: to merely ensure that you have enough money to put food in the fridge, keep the lights on and so forth. We want you to have income to suit your desired lifestyle... and still have it last as long as you do!

    Retirement means different things to different people, but Senior Safety Net is in the business of helping you guarantee that your retirement lives up to those long-ago daydreams of what your golden years would be like.

    We help you have enough money to live well, whatever living well may mean to you.

    Of Rob’s New Book,
    “The Perfect-Retirement Formula®

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