Zkittlez Auto Review – Top Value Delicious Marijuana Strains

Zkittlez is a pretty popular cannabis strain that won the 2016 Emerald Cup as well as the Cannabis Cup in Michigan and San Francisco. This cannabis strain is among the most valuable strains on the cannabis market today, which is why so many growers choose Zkittlez seeds for their crops.

Zkittlez Auto is an easier to grow version of Zkittlez. This automatic seed is ideal for beginner growers, or growers who want to enjoy the value of Zkittlez in a simpler way.

This Zkittlez Auto review of ours will provide growers with some additional information that may be useful in their cannabis cultivation. A beginner grower should never miss the information below.

Zkittlez Auto Origins

The reason Zkittlez Auto owns a delicious fruity taste especially is thanks to the genetics of the parent strains. This cannabis strain is the result of a cross between two famously delicious fruit flavors, Grape Ape and Grapefruit. This combination results in a version of Zkittlez Auto that has Indica dominant genetics and possesses a complex, delicious taste.

This strain of cannabis dominates the Indica by a rather disparate percentage. In which, Indica genetics accounts for 70%, the remaining 30% is Sativa genetics. This ratio creates a dense, strong, and powerful Zkittlez Auto. It brings a lot of value to both growers and smokers.

Zkittlez Auto Effects

Zkittlez Auto is not a cannabis strain that offers a stressful user experience. While smokers will also likely experience a bit of a brain climax effect, the effect is not completely overwhelming.

Zkittlez Auto delivers effects that are mostly euphoric, fun, uplifting and quite fluid. With just a few sips of fine smoke, you will feel all your senses awakened and become filled with excitement. A THC level of around 23% will keep your mind clear and happy.

Even people who are new to or rarely smoke marijuana won’t experience any dread on their first try. Zkittlez Auto has a pretty average high effect, it won’t make you tired or locked into a chair. Instead, feelings of euphoria and happiness will enter your body as well as your mind.

Some sensitive smokers should pay attention as Zkittlez Auto’s side effects are palpitations, dizziness or anxiety. In addition, some may also feel dry mouth, prolonged dry eyes.

Zkittlez Auto Fragrance & Flavors

Zkittlez Auto is one of the most distinctive and exotic flavored cannabis strains I have ever come across. This cannabis strain has a chocolatey smell when grown in a closed room, and the smell is quite different from the description. That’s why many growers wonder if they’re planting the right seeds.

But don’t worry, Zkittlez Auto will have a sweet candied fruit flavor after drying and curing. This flavor is fresh and delicious just like Skittles. Even the most demanding smokers will find intense taste satisfaction when trying this strain.

The citrus flavor is what you will feel right from the first sips of smoke. If you are a little observant, you will feel the slightly sour and funk in the main sweetness. The flavor is quite complex and even more seasoned smokers recognize more flavors.

Continue smoking, you will realize the grape, berry flavor is full of freshness and sweetness. This tropical flavor with a hint of herbs will make all your senses go wild. This sweet experience is sure to satisfy any smoker whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned smoker.

Zkittlez Auto Medical

If you have read about the effects of Zkittlez Auto, you will probably somewhat guess about the medical value of this cannabis strain. Indeed, Zkittlez Auto has a particularly effective mood-enhancing effect, it helps to treat patients with depression, anxiety and stress.

Or simply, if you have a down day mood, encounter many bad things, Zkittlez Auto will also help you feel relaxed and pull you out of that depressed state. Rest assured because Zkittlez Auto will not leave you overwhelmed or tired when you wake up. Its high levels are enough to keep you awake with a good mental state.

Besides, Zkittlez Auto will help improve your physical health besides mental health. Zkittlez Auto has the ability to soothe tense muscles, joint pain or fatigue when the body is constantly working. This soothing effect will help you relieve pain and maintain perfect relaxation.

Zkittlez Auto is suitable for use at any time of the day. But personally I love smoking Zkittlez Auto at bedtime. It is the time when I want to relax the most after a tiring day at work.

Zkittlez Auto Growing & Yield

Zkittlez Auto is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain so it carries the outstanding properties of this strain. Zkittlez Auto seeds will grow into modest sized but fairly bushy plants. They will have very strong vitality and that makes Zkittlez Auto a good choice for beginner growers.

Zkittlez Auto seeds can grow in all climates and light conditions. Growers can grow it indoors or outdoors, as long as the seeds are fed with enough nutrients. Growers do not need to be too concerned with temperature and humidity because Zkittlez Auto is not a very sensitive cannabis strain. However, growers should not be too subjective. Make sure the growing medium is around 50 degrees F at all times.

This cannabis strain although bushy, it is resistant to mildew and pests well. So growers don’t have to take care of it as hard as some other strains of cannabis. Naturally, growers should also pay attention to be able to promptly handle some unexpected situations.

Zkittlez Auto’s Cola is really big and it’s covered with trichomes that sparkle like dewdrops. And growers should especially pay attention to the arrangement of the ventilation system because these colas will give off a rather strong scent if you want to keep them away from the neighbors.

With good care, growers can fully expect the highest yield to fall to about 300g/plant if grown outdoors. Indoor yield will fall in the range of 4-6 ounces/m2.

Where Can I Buy Zkittlez Auto Seeds?

Currently, there are quite a few online seed banks that offer Zkittlez Auto seeds at quite similar prices. However, not all provide you with quality Zkittlez Auto seeds that are worth the money. That’s why we’ve helped you select some reputable online seed banks that offer quality cannabis seeds.

We highly recommend growers to purchase Zkittlez Auto seeds from the seed banks below:

Delicious Seeds – ZKITTLEZ AUTO

Seedsman –  Zkittlez Auto Seeds

ILGM – Zkittlez Autoflower

FastBuds – Zkittlez Auto